Valentine's Day TREET LIST

Check out our selection of offerings for Valentine's Day below!

Nothing says “be mine” quite like a special sweet treat. Shoot us an email to order from our Valentine's menu or to place your custom order!


Valentine’s Deluxe Love Box - $34

Includes: (2)decorated sugar cookies, (1) heart shaped brownie, (4) assorted cakeballs,

(2) chocolate chip cookies, (2) assorted macaroons, (1) bag of chocolate hearts/jewels/bonbons

Valentine’s Mini Love Box - $20

Includes: (1) decorated sugar cookie; (1) heart shaped brownie; (2) assorted cakeballs; (2) chocolate chip cookies

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates (and Cakeballs) - $20

Includes: (8) assorted cakeballs and an assortment of chocolate gems, jewels, and heart

Box of Chocolate Covered Strawberries - $22 

Includes: (9-12) white chocolate and chocolate covered strawberrie




Chocolate Covered Strawberries (Order of 6/Order of 12) - $12/$23

Valentine’s Decorated Sugar Cookies (Order of 6/Order of 12) - $26/$48

Valentine’s Heart Brownies (Order of 6/Order of 12) - $18/$30

Valentine's Whoopie Pie- (Order of 6/Order of 12) $15/$28

Assorted Valentine’s Cake Balls (Order of 6/Order of 12) - $12/$24



Mini Valentine Dozen (Assorted Valentine's Dozen) - $20

Regular Valentine Dozen (Assorted Valentine's Dozen) - $36